About Fearless Female Collective

Meet the team behind the FFC

The Fearless Female Collective

The Fearless Female Collective is a place to come to learn, be supported and more than that be fearless in your business to create the business you want to achieve. It doesn’t mean creating a 6 figure business but it means that you are creating a business that works for YOU. For YOUR family. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t feel the fear. It just means that you are wanting to succeed more. Because that is what success is.

Who Are We?

Nicole and Colleen have been working together for a long time. We bonded over mutual clients and have been firm friends ever since. We have been each others sounding board and confidant throughout the crazy rollercoaster that is being a business owner and a Mum. We are passionate about building a life and career that complements our dreams and our family life. We are passionate that women can be empowered to create the business that supports their family and life, in whatever capacity that means. It could mean that you want to build an empire. It could mean that you want to work part time around the kids so that you are creatively inspired rather than bringing in a large income. Or you can do both of those things at the same time. Success to everyone is so different and so that is where the FFC comes in. We want you to achieve the goals you want to achieve and be fearless at doing them.
Nicole Davidson

I have been working in the online space for around 11 years now and have built my business up to a point where I have a career but also able to work around the life of my children. Something that is the utmost importance to me. I love that I can balance my working life around the kids – even if that means sometimes I work crazy hours.

I love online marketing and have had huge success with my marketing over the years and want to share my knowledge with others. I have run two businesses and had a few other crazy ideas over the years. I have had successes, I have made mistakes (huge ones) and built a great network along the way.