Create Your eCourse LIVE

Join me for a 3 month intensive to create your course.

Launch a wildly successful course or membership. Join the live intensive and at the end you will have a finished course you can launch over and over again.

There are many courses out there that teach you how to launch

But not many will do it live with you along the way.

Don’t let the thought of creating a course or membership overwhelm you. 

But you find that there is something getting in your way. 

A roadblock. 

A major frustration. 

Fear of failure, overwhelm from all the technology options and the overall scariness of building something amazing is stopping you from creating your dream eCourse or Membership website.

The world wants to hear your expertise because there is no one out there who is just like you.

No more procrastinating. No more overwhelm. 

Launch your course with support

This is the reason that we have created ‘Create Your eCourse’ – because we don’t want you to have to do it alone.

I don’t want you to sit here next year wondering what could have happened if you got past your fear and created your own course or membership. 

So if you are ready to

  • Share your knowledge, passion and wisdom to help others solve problems
  • Connect with your current customers on a deeper level
  • Create a passive stream of income for your business
  • Finally earn the income you are dreaming about without having to sell your time for money or increasing your workload

Creating your own eCourse can be extremely rewarding.

The good news is we have a tried and tested structure to help you build your very own eCourse.

Our concise 10 modules will support you in bringing your eCourse to life! With our support and your willingness to take real action, we’ll make your eCourse a reality! This is your chance to share your brilliance and passion with the world.

What this course isn’t

This course isn’t a ‘build it and they will come scenario’. It will take your dedication to succeed but it will be a lot of fun along the way.

We’re all about empowering you to take control of your eCourse. We will show you how to create it, write your sales page and event how to manage your community! Knowledge = Power. The power to make informed decisions about how you want your course to look, feel and work.

We want you to do it your way to suit your business and lifestyle an we can’t wait to support you in your create your eCourse journey.

I am ready to create my own course

So what will you learn in

Create Your eCourse Intensive?

Week 1: Course topic

This week we focus on selecting the core topic for your eCourse. You may have an idea already for your eCourse and just need help refining your target market. Or you may not have an idea on a topic yet. That is ok this week we are going to help you refine this.

Week two


I love this part and its so much fun to see the brands people create.
Many people get stuck here and they want their brand to be perfect so they never launch. This week will touch on how to brand your course quickly. We have checklists to provide to your designer to quickly brief them to get your course logo. Plus we will look at mood boards to keep your brand consistent.

Week Three

Planning Your Content

Before you can start selling you will need to map out the course structure and content. This is where we work out exactly what transformation your client will have when they do a course with you. How do you get your client from zero to hero after they finish your course?

Module 4: Course pricing

Pricing can make or break your eCourse. This week we discuss the different pricing models you can use in your course whether you create an evergreen course or you launch a couple of times per year. We also help you create a price point that will allow you to have the lifestyle and business that you want.

Module 5: Content creation

Let’s jump right into how to create your eCourse content. We touch on our favourite tools we use to create our content, along with a small part on outsourcing and finding the best team to help you put your eCourse together.

Module 6: Building your course website

One of our favourite modules (we are web designers so…) but this is all about choosing the right platform to deliver your eCourse. Plus we will show you how to quickly build a membership site on WordPress.

Module 7: marketing your course

Learn all about how to market your eCourse. We will touch on Social Media, building your email list and much more.

Module 8: Launch time

Launch time is an exciting and nerve-wracking part of your eCourse. We are going to teach you how to build your launch so that you have a stress-free and easy launch.

Module 9: Create a Community for your course

Once people sign up to your eCourse you want to nurture your relationship and ensure they are getting the most out of the eCourse. We will show you how to nurture your clients and also how to setup good processes to deal with client complaints.

Module 10: reflect & review

Once you have completed your eCourse you will want to reflect on the course and also refine for future eCourses that you are going to run.

You Also Get Access To

10 Live Intensive Sessions

Learn as you go with 10 weekly LIVE sessions where I cover all of the weekly content. You will also have access to the videos after.

2 Weeks of Implementation

I want you to be able to implement not just learn while you do this Create Your Course mastermind. So I have included two weeks implementation time, the perfect time to launch your course!

Weekly Emails

Weekly emails to keep you on track with your eCourse, with actionable items.

Videos and Audios

We want you to be able to access the course material in many ways, so you get the content delivered via several methods from video, audio to ebooks.

Members Hub

We want you to have support through this fun and exciting foray into creating an eCourse. You get access to our exclusive members hub to ask questions and thrive with our community online.

Tools & Resources

You will get access to a huge library of resources to ensure your course is a raging success. You will get everything you need from tools, resources to design tools.

Start eCourse Journey Today

We are serious about helping you succeed in creating your own online eCourse. So we have created 3 levels depending on the support you want.

Mastermind Only

Get access to the live round of Create Your eCourse.
$ 497
  • Access to the 12 week mastermind intensive
  • Facebook Community Hub
  • Members Business Directory

Mastermind & 1:1 Coaching

Get two 1:1 session during the intensive with me. Limited to 3 people only.
$ 697
  • Access to the 12 week mastermind intensive
  • Facebook Community Hub
  • Members Business Directory

Who is behind ‘Create Your eCourse?

Meet Nikki (Nic)

Website Designer and marketer at picasso media

Why do I love eCourses so much?

I have been working in the web design industry for 13 years and I have had many clients over the years and was trading time for money. This worked well for many years, until I realised that unless I grew a larger team, that there was a limit to the income levels I could hit. 

During this time I have spent so much time helping other entrepreneurs build their own membership websites and courses but never had time to create my own. In fact I sat on a course idea for over two years before actually doing anything with it.

So after spending years helping others build and launch their own Courses, I decided that it was time to help more people.

Helping others build and launch eCourses.

There are many people out there teaching the same thing but it’s not often that you get to do a course with a website designer who know the ins and outs of the very technology that you will use to create your course.


Here are a few common questions we get asked about Create Your eCourse

The course materials are shared as video content, printable slides, and module workbooks. So, whether you prefer to read, write, watch, or listen to the content, you’ll be set.

You’ll receive your login information about 10 minutes after you complete your payment form. An email with your username and password, as well as some information we thought you might like to get you started, will be sent to your inbox and once you receive that you can login and get started. Each week a new module will be opened up for you to access.

Absolutely, our content was created to help those who are at square one. So you will receive simple and easy to follow, actionable steps to ensure you can create a successful eCourse.

We do. If you go through the e-course, implement our strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email us within 14 days of purchase for a full refund.