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No matter the stage you are at in business. Whether you are looking at starting a brand new business or if you are a few years down the track. It is so important to have people who are by your side supporting you.

Over the last 12 years in business I have been through so many different stages that go along with growing and sustaining a business. Sometimes I was in my flow and hitting my goals and other times well thing didn’t go that well. But no matter what I knew that my business gave me the freedom to live the life I wanted and it always pushed me to keep going.

My business has allowed me to be present for my family, and created an income that meant I haven’t had to work a full time job in 12 years. 

But I never would have been able to do this if I didn’t have people inspiring me along the way. Some of these people are still there with me to this day. 

I have also had this burning desire after creating so many eCourses and membership websites for my clients. I wanted to be able to do this too. I have so much experience in creating memberships then why can’t I be one of those people as well.

But I didn’t just want to create a membership. I wanted to create a hub where you can learn and grow and build a thriving business. 

If it wasn’t for my ability over the years to learn off other entrepreneurs and even teaching myself new skills I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am a self taught website designer that has literally gone from 12 years ago trying to work out what WordPress even was.. to now building complex eCommerce and Membership plugins. This was all through a desire to learn, grow and push myself to improve.

I know that having a positive mindset, building successful habits, self love and being fearless are the key to succeeding and growing a thriving business. I know this not because I have succeeded at everything I have done, but because I have never given up.

On the other side of fear is everything you ever dreamed of.

Hello and welcome

I am Nicole Davidson creator of the Fearless Female Collective

Over the last 12 years in business I have been through so many different stages that come with growing and sustaining a business.

I have been through the euphoria of getting that very first client and being so excited you just had to tell everyone. 

I have also been at the stage where I was making money but I was also working around the clock to get everything done. I have experience burnout, self-doubt, a lot of self-sabotage and also a fear of putting myself out there.

But through all of this I am still here, building a thriving website and SEO business that gets results from my clients. 

But I wanted more. 

I wanted to create a community where like-minded female entrepreneurs could come and connect.

I would love you to join this community and grow your business with me.

IntroducingThe Collective Members Hub

Imagine having a cheer squad of strong women building each other up. Supporting each other as we move through the stages of growing a business. Pushing past those fears of self-doubt to create and achieve your goals.

I want to teach you everything I have learned around mindset, setting goals, building your marketing, website and everything in between. And learn from other experts to help you build a thriving business that allows you freedom.

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